Python in a VS 6.0 environment?

Mark Charsley mark.charsley at
Mon Feb 17 11:24:00 CET 2003

In article <WKz0a.2724$tO2.303920 at>, 
vanevery at (Brandon Van Every) wrote:

> Can anyone who prefers a MS Visual Studio 6.0 working environment 
> comment on
> the ease / difficulty of integrating Python with your C++ code?  What 
> are
> the gotchas?  I'd like to know what tools have made the experience the 
> least
> painful for you.

Take a day or two to look at boost's python library (, we've 
got it working fine here with VC++6. Only problems are
- debugging python in debug builds. Can't find any debug-mode python 
debuggers, so we have to resort to print statements in python
- boost::python is sufficiently complicated that you get an internal 
compiler error if you try bunging their headers into a pre-compiled 
header. So build times go up somewhat :-(


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