For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

James J. Besemer jb at
Mon Feb 10 20:32:00 CET 2003

Andrew Koenig wrote:
> If the "if" in "if something:" is the first token in its statement,
> then what follows the : is a suite; otherwise it's an expression.

I think the concern is that a statement in Python may consist of or begin 
with an expression and thus the leading keyword alone is not enough to tell 
what is going on.

I am looking into this more closely to confirm but I don't think it's a 
problem for the parser.

I expect that if you  said something like:

	if test: expr1 else: expr2

That would parse as an expression because of the LACK of newlines.

	if test:

Would be parsed as an if-statement, with expr1 and expr2 also being seen as 


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