Newbie question - Python mode in SciTE ?

Henri Chorand henri at
Sun Feb 2 20:34:43 CET 2003

thanks for your kind feedback.

>>Language menu contains no items at all :-(
> What? What kind of version of SciTE?
> I've downloaded it from

Me too. It's release 1.50 - it downloaded it today.

(from your other message)
 > you need to log in with root account

I did all setup as root, just after installing Python 2.2.2 (source + 
compile). Other than that, I didn't fiddle with my setup (In only 
uninstalled Tcl/Tk 8.3 and

Maybe the problem comes from inserting all .properties files in:
(or I need to do something on executables path...)

But this is what's written in the doc.

 > or insert scite in sudo conf file

I found out basics about sudoers file with "man sudo".

Still, I wonder, isn't there a more simple way out of it... after all, 
it's only a code editor.

Let me know what you think about it. Unless I find a SciTE expert, I 
guess I'll have to contact the author, and it'll end up in a new item in 
the FAQ ;-)



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