will Python do me good?

Branimir Petrovic BranimirPetrovic at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 8 01:49:56 CET 2003

samj at eisa.net.au (samphdauto) wrote in message news:<65050d4c.0301311603.4eb79a85 at posting.google.com>...
> Hello every one.. Well, this is the first time I post here since I am
> thinking of learning Python... my background is VB and wanting to find
> a better language in order to build my project and not sure if Python
> is my best option. So your input is greatly appreciated.

Be warned that you'll be paying for 'costs of re-tooling' from 
your own 'pocket' so to speak. Contrary to the legend, 'taming 
The Snake' is not a trivial mater especially if you are coming 
from cozy/yucky (depending who you ask) VB environment.

Python indeed is a lot better language than VB, but if your 
ambitions lie/revolve around MS centric products, the whole 
exercise might not bring returns you are hoping for. Especially 
if all you need/want to build is qyick'n dirty (drag & drop) GUI db 
interfaces with modest amounts of 'business logic'/functionality, 
all targeting other MS products. Productivity-wise, in this special
case, VB environment is hard to beat (provided you are not disgusted 
by horrors of VB language so much you can't take it any more).

(disgusted, therefore long time ex-VB 'camper', now 'The Snake' worship-er;)

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