python WMI pass by reference

Roman Rohr rr at
Wed Feb 5 01:18:30 CET 2003

Can anyone rewrite this small vb script in python?

getobject("winmgmts:win32_logicalFileSecuritySetting.path='c:\boot.ini'").getsecuritydescriptor sd
for each t in sd.dacl

Only first line and passing parameter sd is important. Sorry for
disturbing with vbscript code, but I hope this is best way to explain my

I don't know how to make "pass by reference" in python. In this case how
to pass variable sd, which should receive object from called function? I
read nearly everything on the Internet. I know that:

1. I don't need pass by ref in python at all. Each function can return
tupple or list.

2. I can use COM makepy utility and use COM objects without any problem.
But if I understand well, WMI objects are not COM objects.

Thanks in advance for any hint. First line translated into python is more
than enough.


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