IDLE with Japanese locale (was: RELEASED: Python 2.3a2)

Kirill Simonov kirill_simonov at
Fri Feb 21 09:00:01 CET 2003

* SUZUKI Hisao <suzuki611 at>:
> > Python 2.3a2 is the second (and likely last) alpha release of Python
> > 2.3.  Much improved since the first alpha, chockfull of things you'd
> > like to check out:
> > 
> >
> If you install it cleanly on Windows in Japanese locale, you
> cannot even start up the IDLE.  Perhaps you cannot do it also in
> Chinese and Korean locales.

IDLE has not worked with non-latin1 encodings since the 2.0 release
(when Unicode support was introduced :/).

You may try idlefork ( with
the patches #615312 and #682347.


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