ANN: Leo 3.11b1 outlining editor

boncelet boncelet at
Sat Feb 22 02:53:25 CET 2003

I installed your plug-in and, while I like it a lot (I can use leo
and vim with all of its latex macros), but I have two comments:

1. The hardwired path to vim is fragile.  I had to change it for my distribution.

2. One bug: I start a node in leo, send it to vim, edit in vim, and 
write the changes out.  All is great.  But if I then edit the node
in leo, vim never sees these changes.

  Charlie Boncelet

Andrea Galimberti <andrea_galimberti at> wrote in message news:<3E5493A2.1070004 at>...

> About Leo and VIM "integrated" vesion, I wrote a plugin that opens a Leo 
> node content in VIM. Here is the source:
> ---------------------- plugin ---------------------------
> """vim handler"""
> from leoPlugins import *
> from leoGlobals import *
> def open_in_vim (tag,keywords):
> 	if top():
> 		top().frame.OnOpenWith(("os.system", "/usr/local/bin/vim --remote ", None))
> if 1: # Register the handlers...
> 	registerHandler("iconclick2", open_in_vim)
> 	es("...vim")
> ---------------------- end --------------------------------

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