PEP 308: A PEP Writer's Experience - CON

holger krekel pyth at
Sun Feb 9 02:43:21 CET 2003

John Roth wrote:
> [me]
> > I think it's more that this has been discussed for a couple of years
> now and
> > he wants people to stop whining.  And he obviously doesn't have a
> strong
> > oppinion of it either way.  Some people think it's important to have
> it
> > one way or the other and so he lets them (instead of him) argue
> > about the color <wink>.
> The trouble is, it won't stop the whining. Nothing will except
> implementing
> something. I kind of agree with Guido's version - it's the best
> alternative
> I've seen actually discussed. I like mine better (add an option for lazy
> evaluation of function operands) but since nobody seems interested in
> discussing it, it really isn't on the table.

It's just not very obvious how to do it, is it?


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