PEP-308 a "simplicity-first" alternative

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Wed Feb 12 04:32:17 CET 2003

Paul Paterson wrote:
> "Christian Tismer" <tismer at> wrote in message
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> > Anyway, please show me any other proposal that is
> > as minimalistic as this one. Please, stare at it
> > a little while and weight it's impact to the simplicity
> > of the language, readability, ease of impl, and getting
> > all these threads to a happy shut-down (or -up).
> I still like the minimalism of,
> x or y if C

Err, do you mean `x or y if C' or `y or x if C'?  When you first
suggested it (yes, it's in my list of unseconded proposals), you had it
the other way round (mind the wrap):

This suffers exactly the same drawbacks as the `C and x else y'
proposition, as well as foisting a completely _different_ order of
evaluation than any other (as far as I can see) proposal.  `x if C else
y' was mainly contentious because it was not left-to-right or
right-to-left; this is similar neither (your original proposal seemed to
be suggesting the right-to-left form).

Is every permutation of the ordering going to be tride in one or another
of the proposals?  So far we've seen at least half of them.  :-)

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