Moving Language Cuisinart project to Windows?

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Wed Feb 12 00:27:17 CET 2003

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>> I've written a Python wrapper for some Legacy FORTRAN so it can have a
>> modern GUI buith with Pmw/Tkinter. This works by the FORTRAN invoking
>> C functions that invoke Python. This all works like a charm using the
>> gcc tools on Unix and Python 2.2.
>> Now the client wants it on Windows. My question is - what's the right
>If it works using gcc/g77 on Unix-type OS's, it will probably work with MinGW.
>If you're using Distutils, the Python end is a snap [1]. Setting up
>MinGW may be
>more complicated than setting up Cygwin, but I haven't played with either
>recently [2]. The benefit of MinGW over Cygwin is that you will link
Here's a slant on MinGW that might be ideal for Mike:  <URL: >
shows how to work under Linux to generate Windows executables.

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