User defined operators

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Tue Feb 25 13:17:22 CET 2003

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> Turhan Ozen wrote:
> > Why it is not allowed to create a new operator but only modify the
> > existing ones?
> The few languages that allow users to define new operators typically
> need complicated infrastructure to allow precedence and associativity

Do you really think that Forth has a complicated infrastucture (some 10Kb
for the kernel) ?

> of user-defined operators to be defined -- and the resulting programs
> are often not any easier to read (to put it mildly) because of the
> extra helping of syntax sugar.  Python is simpler, and programs in
> Python easier to read, thanks to the surface-syntax being fixed, all
> operator precedence and associativity carved in stone, and so on.

Okay, Forth syntax is not for newbies :-)


> Alex

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