Voting process for PEP 308 (was: PEP 308: Alternative conditional operator forms)

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Feb 12 05:59:40 CET 2003

[David LeBlanc]
> I have confidence in Aahz's integrity.

[Erik Max Francis]
> In one of these threads, he threatened to vote against the proposal
> because I wasn't planning on listing his suggestion in my personal list
> for my own edification (a form which the BDFL explicitly rejected in the
> PEP, by the way).  In other words, he was going to punish me for doing
> something as an individual with no connection to the PEP or the voting
> process by voting against the proposal.

He wasn't, but, yes, you read it that way.  Rather than rehash the msgs
here, try going back and rereading them, with a presumption of goodwill.  He
misread the inent of your "personal list" message, and you're reacting as if
he hadn't.

it's-all-just-pixels-on-a-screen-ly y'rs  - tim

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