Is Kazaa distribution part of the answer? (was: Python and p2p)

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Wed Feb 5 20:25:50 CET 2003

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>On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 18:55:49 +0000, Carlos Ribeiro
><cribeiro at> wrote:
>>All that said, it is pretty much as Pedro Alvarez stated - an unfortunate but  
>>realistic fact of life. Now, following for Geoff's suggestion, why not put 
>>copies of the 'free' Python books available on a P2P network? It would help 
>>to create a bigger 'mindshare' for Python - people would find material using 
>>the tool of their choice, and would be able to compare the quality of the 
>>material, which is really excellent (as Python itself).
>I just want to put my support behind what Carlos and those in similar
>situations are saying. Anyone who would have negative input on this matter
>is, as I have said before, sadly incapable of processing possibilities. 
>Here are links to two free books you can put on the P2P networks :
>Both are or will be available in printed form, the latter not just yet.
>If anyone else has information on other free books they should post.

Another one...
Also available in printed form, and non-English editions.

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