Some thoughts about Python, and non-English languages

Müller-Oertel mueller-oertel at
Sat Feb 8 01:45:04 CET 2003

> > What could be done to improve it? I suggest to name an editor for each
> > language.

> I like the idea, but I'm afraid that to take on the job as editor for one
> language - portuguese, for example - can be too much work. However, we
> some good examples in the open source arena - Debian's home page
> ( is available in several languages, and the translations
> quite good (and mostly up-to-date, even for pages buried deep into the
site). is really a nice example. is another one. Of cause it
would be nice to translate the entire web site also. But I
believe most Python users prefer coding over translating. So please look at
my original posting again. The editor of each language is only supposed to
compile and maintain one single (welcome) page. This page contains mainly
hand picked quality links to resources related to his or her language.

This would help especially first time visitors who have poor knowledge of
English (or none at all) to discover Python.


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