Case Sensitivity (actually case-insensitive file-systems)

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Feb 22 00:37:20 CET 2003

Gary Duncan wrote:

> This topic - which runs and runs - reminds me of my experience
> when I recently bought an Apple Ibook laptop , running OS/X, a
> Unix clone, sort-of, but not quite as it has a case-insensitive
> filesystem (Hooray says Alex :)

Well, that's not quite the same thing.  The choice of OS X's filesystem
as being case preserving but insensitive (like the old MacOS
filesystems) was a pretty stupid choice given that OS X is in the UNIX
world now.  But still problems will only arise when you're mixing a
case-sensitive system to one that's case insensitive.  Then, invariably,
problems will arise if care is not taken to avoid name collisions.

That's not really at issue here, so while your "horror story" is
well-taken, it's not really appropriate here.

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