PEP 308: Obfuscated Nested Ternaries (INACAIS)

Steven Taschuk staschuk at
Fri Feb 21 00:56:57 CET 2003

Quoth Gerrit Holl:
> For the Obfuscated Contest: rewrite this peace of code
> using ternaries. Preferably with a lot of ('s and )'s :)

How's this?

        seq = tuple([((tl,t,tr),(l,None,r),(bl,b,br))[y][x]for x,y in
                (lambda x:zip(x[0],x[1]))(map(lambda x,y:map(x==1 and
                (lambda x:2-x)or None,y),map(cmp,(x,y),(0,)*2),((((2,

Only one ternary operator, I'm sorry to say.  Lots of parentheses,

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