Python and p2p

Chris Keyes chrisk at
Wed Feb 5 17:09:01 CET 2003

pedro alvarez wrote:
> Has anyone tried to look for python books on kazaa?
> The result of the search is equivalent to the cosine of 90 degrees.
> How about java or vb or even php and perl?
> You get truckloads of results!!!!

Also worth noting that many of the results on peer to peer clients 
aren't what they say they are. I've used winmx, and found that some 
books and manuals are just pdf files of internet explorer printouts from 
the website (sometimes when you could download the entire manual from 
the website as a nicely formatted PDF file).

I sympathise with anyone who would like to read more of these books and 
can't afford to. I also agree with the comments about good free 
information being available, although there's nothing quite like a book!

Also on the plus side, Python is available for a very much more 
reasonable price than the M$ dev tools! It runs on modest hardware, yes 
a P4 with a gig of ram is nice, but my Pentium is ok for some work, its 
getting a bit slow to even run VB these days... etc...

Also, I tried hacking something up quickly in VB and it seemed so hard 
after Python <grin>

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