where python is slower?

holger krekel pyth at devel.trillke.net
Wed Feb 5 14:19:58 CET 2003

Enrique Palomo wrote:
> Hello all.
> At job, i must work with great size text files (up to 2 Gb)
> I use python cause of its facility to work with strings.
> But python is slower than others programming languages.

In order to help you, you need to provide more context information 
and actual *code snippets* that you find too slow. 

> It´s not, by the moment, a big problem, but i would like to speed up the
> code with C.

Possible but probably not neccessary.
> I would like to know where python is slower, reading files, writing, string
> manipulation...

Only in rare cases is Input/Output like reading/writing files a problem. 
String Manipulation is a first class candidate but we really need 
code snippets to check. 
> I have try with psyco and the results are unpredictable everytime i run the
> script.

That step number 3.  We are at step 1: problem description and code.


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