Why does Dynamic Typing really matter?!?

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Fri Feb 7 10:30:43 CET 2003

> Hi Laura
> Thanks for ur reply....sorry for the incomplete msg, sent it a bit
> prematurely!
> The book sounds very informative, will def pick up a copy, to bad our
> local uni library is behind the times....

I don't think that your university library should be so behind the
times as to not have a copy of Design Patterns.  They may not have a
copy of Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion, or Pattern Hatching.
DPST was designed to be read the way I suggested you read it ... with
DP (the original) in the other hand.  It is not written with the
designer of a compiler or interpreter in mind, but rather an
applications programmer.  What you get is a sense of 'this is a lot
shorter' and 'I can build a better abstraction of my problem in
Smalltalk because everything is an object', and the like. (Also a
sense of, multiple inheritance, <which Smalltalk doesn't have>, would
sure be convenient at times.)  _You_ may, of course, get a sense of 'in
Haskell we do it _best_'.

If you don't know any Smalltalk a small detour to learn the syntax may
be in order.  I forgot to mention that before, apologies.

Good luck,
Laura Creighton

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