TCP Server sitting behind a proxy

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Fri Feb 14 23:47:43 CET 2003

[Jeethu Rao]
> I'm pretty certain that even batman will have a hard time
> breaking 256 bit Rijndael encrypted data (wrapped with
> a checksum and a packet header(to prevent data corruption)

Rijndael?  Sounds dutch.  What module is that?
Ooh its a C++ lib maybe.  I'm still wishing for functions in the
Python library that have a good reputation (everybody bashes the
"rotor" module I like).

import pycrypt   # wishlist module
secret = 'mysecret'
encoded = pycrypt.encrypt('message', secret)
decoded = pycrypt.decrypt(encoded, secret)
assert( decoded == 'message')

That would be nice.  With um Rijdael, if that is a cool one?

I have a setup where I use rotor and some others and base64
sequentially (has to be normal characters).  Is that bad?

> ...
> The protocol is TCP, so my solution is to have the initiator of the
> connection send a packet at the beginning of every connection, with
> the intended IP and the port of the machine being connected into.

And that is encrypted of course?  Then what could be your problem?  As
long as they don't guess your secret of course.  How do you distribute
the secret.  Email is out.  Snailmail too maybe.


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