A beginner's question

Madhusudan Singh spammers-go-here at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 16 21:08:15 CET 2003

        I am a beginner in python (know nothing yet), and need some adv
ice. I usually use Fortran 90 for my programming needs (and am familiar, th
ough a little rusty, with C/C++/Pascal). I use Scigraphica for my plotting 
needs. Now, the scripting language for Scigraphica is known to be python. My
 prior experience with plotting+scripting is limited to gnuplot.

        I do not have much time to invest in learning a new language that I
 would probably not be using for any other purpose. Is there a tutorial th
at you folks are aware of, that I could put to use in learning the relevant 
subset (if that means anything) of python ?

        Any other hints would also be welcome.



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