float / double support in Python?

Brandon Van Every vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com
Wed Feb 12 11:29:16 CET 2003

Brian Quinlan wrote:
>> Points taken.  But my point is, the leaner Python is, the closer you
>> can get to low level before having to switch over.
> OK.
>> Ergo, it makes sense to support all basic machine types.
> That doesn't follow.
> Supporting a basic machine type (in a zero-overhead fashion) would
> require an amazing amount of effort for a language like Python.

It doesn't have to be zero overhead.  It needs to be less overhead than
doubles, both in space and time.

> That
> effort would be better directed to features that more of the community
> is interested in.

If the community retains a provincial interest, rather than noticing what
the language is actually getting used for and what certain people want, then
the community will not grow.  It will not receive mainstream attention, and
it will become a "coulda woulda shoulda" language.  Compared to mainstream
offerings like Java, Perl, and C#, the future of Python is far from secure.

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