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Sun Feb 9 16:01:27 CET 2003

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, rzed wrote:

>There are many ways of categorizing Python users, but at least this
>division is natural:
>(1) Some people are concerned with issues about how Python will
>develop, what new features will be added, and so on. This goes beyond
>what (in my understanding) python-dev is intended to do. Some of us
>are interested, but are either unwilling or unable to contribute to
>actual development of the code; we just want to see where it's headed.
>What about directing discussion of PEPs to a group (like c.l.py.peps),
>with a bare announcement in c.l.py that a new thread has popped up?
>(2) Others are concerned with how to make the language as it is (at
>some given version level) do a particular task in the most efficient
>way. It's not that they have no interest in development, but for the
>purposes of the newsgroup, development issues are separate. In this
>division scheme, c.l.py would continue to be the place to go for
>answers from more experienced users to practical questions about
>current implmentations.
>To summarize: add one more group, for discussion of PEPs and issues
>around the futurs of Python. Focus c.l.py on existing implementations
>and their use.

Or yes, and c.l.py.advocacy for those who want to go flamewar.

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