Can Python work for me?

Kyler Laird Kyler at
Thu Feb 20 19:22:26 CET 2003

claird at (Cameron Laird) writes:

>They're all rather abuses of HTTP, as Alex says,
>but some are legitimately useful in production applica-
>tions.  <URL: > and its references,
>especially <URL:
> >.

I don't see it mentioned there, but as long as we're talking
about abuses, I'll put forth the option of using an image
push (with Netscape-ish browsers at least).

I'd probably make a page with a "hot" image.  Selecting the
image would take you to a status page.  The image would be
pushed by the server.  It could simply show the most current
message.  It would only need to be refreshed when the
message changes ('cept of course if you run into timeout

It's a kludge, but the challenge is answering the question
not providing a good solution, right?

(I'd show you an example, but the one I wrote in Perl a
couple of years ago can't find now.)


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