TCP Server sitting behind a proxy

Paul Rubin http
Sat Feb 15 00:05:03 CET 2003

hwlgw at (Will Stuyvesant) writes:
> Ooh its a C++ lib maybe.  I'm still wishing for functions in the
> Python library that have a good reputation (everybody bashes the
> "rotor" module I like).
> import pycrypt   # wishlist module
> secret = 'mysecret'
> encoded = pycrypt.encrypt('message', secret)
> decoded = pycrypt.decrypt(encoded, secret)
> assert( decoded == 'message')

See for this.  Remove the
date check for your own installation.  I -really- have to put up a
renamed version without the date check.

> That would be nice.  With um Rijdael, if that is a cool one?

Rijndael is slow to implement in pure Python but is included here:

> And that is encrypted of course?  Then what could be your problem?  As
> long as they don't guess your secret of course.  How do you distribute
> the secret.  Email is out.  Snailmail too maybe.

It's really best to tunnel through SSL or something like that.

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