Python any good?

Glen lpepicel at
Tue Feb 18 02:05:08 CET 2003

Tim Ottinger wrote:

> I just don't want the world thinking that any program written in python 
> will be too slow for production use. I think that if you look at the 
> applications in the world that use python, you'll be surprized at how 
> amazingly well they perform.
> Tim

Python is great language.  There is nothing wrong with it IMHO.  As a 
bonus it is open source.

Python has many advantages and features: see

When I say "not fast" I meant no critism.

Maybe I should have said "not for computation intensive problems".  Not 
as fast as c or c++.

I didn't mean to say it is slow.  It is great for most business 

I believe it is possible to write parts of a python app in C++ is 
needed.  I have never needed to do this.

Also maybe I should have said "less popular than C++" "not as many hits 
on monster for python programmers"

Glen.  [python programmer]

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