Mass Emailer

Metnetsky matt at
Mon Feb 3 06:21:01 CET 2003

I have about 3000 emails stored in a database which I would like to retrieve 
and then send out.  As I'm new to Python I'm not sure of the best way to 
perform this function without bogging down everything (python, smtp, etec).  
The following two ways have come to mind, please let me know which you all 
think would be best.  Naturally a mysterious third option is definitely 

Option #1:
        Connect to the database, pull the records, and then disconnect from 
        the database.  Go through each record and send emails one-by-one to each
        user in the system.  This sounds like a HUGE bog on the system, but I 
        could be wrong.

Option #2
        Same as above except sending each email with 20 (or more) user addresses.
        This would cut down the bog I expect by an estimated 20% at least.

Suggestions, ideas, comments, complains....all are welcome

~ Matthew

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