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>[4] Quit changing Python -- I liked it as a small language
>If you compare the introduction of a ternary operator to recent
>changes, it's a much smaller change than the introduction of list
>comprehensions, or introducing generators.  It won't break any code
>like fixing division did. It is not a deep and powerful change like
>nested scopes or new-style classes. About the only change it's
>comparable to is the introduction of boolean. Really... there's no new
>conceptual overhead (not a deep or confusing idea like metaclasses) --
>I understand why some might like to slow the changes to Python, but
>this is not the right change to object to.

It introduces more parsing overhead in human readability than any change
since list comprehensions, and it introduces more semantic/syntactic
overhead in human readability than generators.  (I'm still deeply unhappy
about losing the fight to add a keyword to the front of generators.)
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