How can I call a dll "inside" another process?

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>> OK, this is the picture.  I have a mailserver running, and the
>> mailserver has loaded a "plugin" DLL that I've written to wrap certain
>> API calls that the DLL, as an inprocess module, has access to.  These
>> API calls are not exposed to the world at large, hence the need for my
>> wrapper.
>> So, I thought that I'd try to just export the wrapper functions and
>> call them easily from python using ctypes.  Of course the trouble here
>> is that ctypes is loading a fresh instance of the DLL, and not
>> interfacing within the mail server's process.
>        Isn't that the definition of "inprocess"? That it is loaded as part of 
>the process specific memory space?

Yeah, the trouble is that I want to cross the process boundary.  Mike
Fletcher kindly nudged my newbie memory onto the fact that that's what
IPC is all about, and gave me a list of possible options, namely
either Corba, COM, RPC, XMLRPC and SOAP, or manually dealing with such
things as named pipes, memory-mapped files, or shared memory.

As much as I would eventually like to get the hang of the lower level
stuff like shared memory, named pipes (and I think mailslots also)
aren't fully useable from Win9x, so they're out.  Although I can see
where memory-mapped files are useful, I don't see how I could call
'remote' functions using them, so they're probably out too.

SOAP and XML-RPC, while interesting for other jobs, don't seem to be
the best fit for local jobs.

So I'm left with COM and RPC, neither of which I've tinkered with in
C/C++, and although I've used COM from Python (and other languages
that I won't mention here), I don't know how I'd set up PRC from
within Python.

Does anyone know of any nice tuts for both Python and C/C++ based RPC
implementation.  I've looked through MSDN, but they keep going on
about MIDL, and I'd rather use something like Mingw -- AFAIK doesn't
have MIDL.

Basically, all I need initially is to call a couple of "remote"
functions and get back the results -- nothing too complex.  I just
need a little guidance to boot me off in the right direction ;-)

TIA for any URLs and pointers.


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