Python and p2p

pedro alvarez dickerc6 at
Tue Feb 4 23:49:40 CET 2003

Has anyone tried to look for python books on kazaa?
The result of the search is equivalent to the cosine of 90 degrees.
How about java or vb or even php and perl?
You get truckloads of results!!!!

The point is, for a poor coder in a poor country, kazaa is like a
If all he comes across are vb and c# books, thats all he will study,
and the popularity of those languages will spread.
Also, the name of a popular books author spreads far and wide.

If an authors main source of income was from books, probably he would
lose out,
but if he relied on the popularity of his books to get contracts or
seminars or to sell his ideas, he would gain in the long term.

So how come we dont see any python books on p2p?
I have noticed that python books dont have a cd at the back with an
electronic copy of the book, wheras Microsoft Press and Mcgraw Hill
do. Therefore, python books are not easily piratable on p2p.

Anyway, if i have caused any upset or controversy, I'm sorry, because
i am just pointing out a realistic fact of life.

(p.s -I downloaded Eckels 'Thinking in c#', and then i just had to go
to his site and pay for it, because it was very good)
(p.s 2- Also having tasted the quality of O'reillys books, i am going
to subscibe to their safari online service, which i think is very
reasonably priced)

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