STV (was Re: ternary operator vote)

John Ochiltree johnochiltree at
Wed Feb 12 18:32:57 CET 2003

Hmmmmm. All round the world, social democracies are facing dwindling polls 
and legitimation crises no matter what the voting system. Maybe we should 
take a leaf out of the Iraqi book and have:

numberOfCandidates = 1
candidateName = "Saddam"
print "And the winner is', candidateName, 'with 100%!'

I'm not sure any difference in voting methods is going to change the problem 
of falling participation. 

Slashdot, a couple of months ago had a link to an article by a mathematician 
showing that there were accuracy problems with all types. He demonstrated 
anomolies cleary showing that although the voting publics intention is 
clear (common sense I suppose?) the outcomes can be frankly perverse. 
Haven't got the time to find the link at the moment - sorry!

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