Some Python posix-related questions

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after considering the same question to my lfm application [1] I've
decided to parse df.

Take a look at 'get_fs_info' function in '' file.



El mar, 25 de 02 de 2003 a las 10:20, Tim Daneliuk escribió:
> 1) On Unix-like (posix) systems, is there some reasonably straighforward
>     way to get the mount information back.  What I really want is:
>       - The device name
>       - Total available space
>       - Available free space
>       - Mount point
>    I would prefer to not have to parse the results of the 'df' command to
>    do this, since I cannot guarantee portability of the output of this
>    command on all systems.
> 2) What does Mac OS X return for  I have a program that is
>     coded to work properly when returns 'nt' or 'posix'.  I
>     was kinda hoping that OS X returns 'posix' (and my program should
>     thus work there), as I have no access to such as system.
> TIA,
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