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Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sun Feb 9 22:38:33 CET 2003

"James J. Besemer" wrote:

> Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it TRADITIONAL for a PROPONENT of a
> lead the discussion, revise the PEP accordingly and call for a vote? 

I don't recall votes being called for PEPs in the past (outside of
general impressions garnered from reading threads, with people
indicating their interest, indifference, or disinterest by indicating a
number from +1 to -1).

In Big Eight Usenet votes, a completely impartial third party (i.e.,
someone with no interest either way in the group in question) acts as
the votetaker and completely publishes the results, including the
(mangled) email addresses of everyone and their votes, so that full
accountability is assured.

For the record I have no objection to Aahz being the votetaker (or
indeed any individual person, either for or against the proposal, doing
the work), but I would want the voting _process_ to be approved by
everyone.  Specifically I'd like that process to simply involve
computing a tally and handing it off to Guido.  It's the decisions by
proxy on behalf of Guido that concern me.

I am operating under the assumption that during the process, Aahz will
make full accountability of his figures including the final tally.  What
I don't want to see is, "Okay, send your votes here."  (pause)  "Okay,
it failed, now we can move on."

> There
> are several members qualified to lead this effort.  Andrew Koenig
> stands out
> as one; at least his diligence to date indicates he may have the time
> for it.

I don't really think it matters who conducts the vote, as long as 1.
they have time for it (obviously) and 2. they make a full accounting of
the result at the end.  I would take cues from Usenet CFVs, "Here are
the final results, here are the votes of each individual person (with
manged email addresses)."

I'd be perfectly willing to do it, for instance.  (I would even be
willing to abstain from the vote itself if people so desired.)

> The vote itself I presume would be public and thus there would be no
> issue re 
> counting, auditing, etc.

Right.  So it really doesn't matter who does it, as long as we all agree
on the process.

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