How can I call a dll "inside" another process?

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Feb 21 17:38:17 CET 2003

Nomad wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 18:28:17 +0100, Alex Martelli <aleaxit at>
> wrote:
>>Nomad wrote:
>>   ...
>>>>Jeffrey Richter, Advanced Windows, Third Edition (Microsoft Press, 1997,
>>>>ISBN 1- 572-31548-2)
>>   ...
>>> Thanks for the reference, but getting hold of a copy in SA might be
>>> tough :-(
>>Why ever?  Amazon will be overjoyed to send you one (in exchange for
>>due monetary consideration), I'm sure...
> You haven't looked at the exchange rate lately have you ;-)  In
> relative terms it would likely cost about 5-6 times what it costs in

According to
a graduate engineer in SA would make 90,000 Rand, versus one in Italy
making 20,200 EUR -- which means (with a Big Mac costing 9.7 Rand there
and 2.3 EUR here) that a graduate engineer must work for 14.2 minutes
to purchase a Big Mac here, vs 13.2 minutes in South Africa (compare
with 7.0 minutes in the US and 7.8 in Japan).  So, PPP-wise, we're
closer to each other than to the really rich countries.  Still, the
exchange rate is 8.76 Rand/EUR, so, for purchases in the US, the
purchasing power of South African graduate engineers would seem to
be about half as much as that of Italian ones (NOT 5 or 6 times
though!).  Assuming you're getting paid for working on Windows (I
don't see why anybody would choose to do advanced system programming
for it otherwise, honestly), it's still no big deal.

> the 'States and Europe, maybe even more with import duty added on top.
> Then there's postage aswell.

Why would postage or import duty from the US to SA be any more
onerous than to the EU?

> Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to spend a week on Google

Try focusing on MSDN, it's likeliest to have Microsoft exoterica.

> (checking _every_ link just in case).  I've already checked all the
> university and municiple libraries -- the varsity libs don't have it,
> and you don't even want to know what the local libs response was...
> Thanks anyway, I'll look for a copy when I'm next in the UK (I'm sure
> it'll come in handy for other stuff too).

It's for advanced system programming on Windows.  And with UK prices
as fiercely high as they are, I have my doubts you'll buy it more
cheaply there than from (e.g.) Amazon (or other US online bookstores
with their typically generous discount policies).  Up to you, though!

It "comes in handy" for advanced systems programming on Windows, and
for that only.  But for that purpose it's an excellent book.


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