Weird problems with import and IDLE

Steven Taschuk staschuk at
Sun Feb 23 19:40:21 CET 2003

Quoth David Reis:
> Well then, lasyt thing to say, thanks very much for investing you time
> in helping me with these stupid beginner problems. Next time I'll surely
> try to do some more web research, even if it seems senseless, before
> bothering the group :)


Your questions, "stupid beginner peroblems" or not, are perfectly
appropriate here.  You should not be concerned about such
questions "bothering the group".  (Elsewhere you might; but this
is, home of the polite and helpful.  Right, everybody?
Hey, you two in the back -- stop shouting at each other about case
sensitivity.  Come over here and say, "Yes, everybody here is very
polite and helpful.")

The only thing I'd suggest is making it a habit to include (short,
preferably minimal) examples of the failing code when asking a
question about why something isn't working.  This will greatly
improve your chances of getting a useful response.  (It's
possible, even likely, that if your original post had contained
the code in your second post, I would not have been the only

Good luck with IDLE.

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