OT: comp.lang.python traffic graph

Just just at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 3 10:47:11 CET 2003

In article <e81be8b2.0302022214.1dc82fee at posting.google.com>,
 ponderor at lycos.com (Dean Goodmanson) wrote:

> Just V.R. produced a nice graph of this lists traffic when it was
> hosted at yahoo.

(That V should be a lowercase...)

> Does someone have a URL of a similar (updated) graph?
> The graph ( http://starship.python.net/~just/comp.lang.python/ ) is
> currently top billing for a google search for "comp.lang.python" (
> http://www.google.com/search?q=comp%2Elang%2Epython ).

Yeah, I don't know how I managed that... Anyway, I gave up updating 
after http://groups.yahoo.com/group/python-list/ tossed the old 
archives. I haven't found a _single_ source of c.l.py archives again 
that covers the full range and gives simple access to monthly stats, and 
I'm not motivated enough to grab the data from multiple sources... If 
someone knows how to grab interesting data from groups.google.com, I'd 
be interested to learn about it.


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