3D graphics programmers using Python?

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Sat Feb 8 10:01:11 CET 2003

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:

> Alex Martelli fed this fish to the penguins on Friday 07 February 2003
> 06:46 am:
>> I think the many traps and pitfalls of C and C++ *CAN* be taught.  But
>         Oh the horrors... I'm having nightmares! <G>
>         Wasn't an old "Plum Hall" book titled "C: Traps and Pitfalls" ?

The book by this title I'm familiar with is published by 
Addison-Wesley.  The author, Andrew Koenig, is quite active
in c.l.py these days, btw.  It's a great book, perhaps the 
single most useful one about C, right after K&R.

I wish Andrew wrote a very similar book about C++, actually,
but maybe it would have to be too thick...?-)


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