For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

Tim Peters at
Sun Feb 9 18:05:45 CET 2003

[James J. Besemer]
> ...
> I fear he simply wants to be able to say "y'all couldn't agree"
> and close book on the issue.

> If you trust that Guido is telling the truth (I do), that's half-true.
> More precisely, that's *one* of the desirable outcomes.  The other
> desirable outcome is that the Python community comes out so resoundingly
> in favor of conditional expressions that it's a clear win for the
> language as a whole.

The third is that the community resoundingly reject the notion.  It's the
"close the book" part he's after, not a specific way of closing it.

> After ten years of debate on this subject, Guido honestly doesn't care
> which outcome he gets.

You can believe he'll take it (whatever it turns out to be) as final,
though.  Sometime in the last century <wink>, Guido made a post which he
said was his last word on whitespace vs curly braces, and you haven't heard
a word on that topic from him again -- the topic no longer exists to him.
This is the last time he's willing to devote brain cells to conditional
expressions (whether for or against).

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