PEP 305 - CSV File API

Tyler Eaves tyler at
Sun Feb 2 03:12:13 CET 2003

Max M unleashed the following on comp.lang.python:
> Andrew Dalke wrote:
>> Skip Montanaro wrote:
>>> A new PEP (305), "CSV File API", is available for reader feedback.  
>>> This PEP
>>> describes an API and implementation for reading and writing CSV files.
> Without commenting on the API itself, I will say that it is a very good 
> idea to have a module like that in the standard library. It is used *so* 
> often.

Yea, I see this being implemented more as a module (If even that...)

This stuff is really pretty trivial.

For what I need, the following is typical:

import string

inf = open('somefile.txt','r')
lines = inf.readlines()
data = []
for l in lines:
Tyler Eaves

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