OK, another one on me - when installing on Linux, where did IDLE go?!

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Feb 12 17:40:32 CET 2003

ghostagain at operamail.com (Zorba) writes:

> Once again I am used to running Python under Windows, and know next to
> nothing about my new toy, Linux.
> I went ahead and did the 'make install' for Python, despite numerous
> warnings that this .h & that .h were missing from my slick new SuSE
> 8.1 workstation - and a very cursory check reveals I can now run
> Python from the shell - but where is my trusty old friend, Idle? There
> is nothing in the install read-me that seems to address this, so I am
> somewhat at a loss as to why the files (which exist in the tarball)
> were not installed along with the rest of Python.

Because, well, they weren't.  They will be with 2.3, I think.  In the
meantime I think you can cd so Tools/idle and run 

$ python setup.py install


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