Voting process for PEP 308 (was: PEP 308: Alternative conditional operator forms)

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Feb 12 15:07:05 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> I'm not sure how a "presumption of goodwill" changes the meaning of his
> statement, "I believe it's an alternative; if you refuse to list it,
> you've got a guaranteed -1 from me."  

A "guaranteed -1" in _what context_?  Maybe he was just saying, in
effect, that if you held your own vote on your own list, he would 
have to vote -1 because his own alternative was not even listed
(and, note, without even saying that he would have voted for his 
own alternative).

I have no idea if that's what he meant, and I haven't even been
reading this thread, but I'm just pointing out one of the probably
several areas where the meaning is open to interpretation and
the interpretation is affected by things like a "presumption of
goodwill" (which, by the way, I have about both you and Aahz, so
please just let it go :-).


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