Yet Another Case Question

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Feb 24 18:11:50 CET 2003

Steve Holden wrote:
> As ever, your rationality and good humour put me to shame. Perhaps I *did*
> get out of bed the wrong side. That certainlty indactes a need for greater
> tolerance on my part.

LOL! :)

> still-looking-for-the-"it"-substitution-ly y'rs  - steve

<grin>  In the first line below:

"""Well, the only POSITIVE benefit I can think of it that it's easiest 
   to tell learners that a variable name must always be written in 
   EXACTLY the same way. This does lend certainlty to the learning process.

It's like one of those "it it" things split across two lines, which are
so darned hard to find.


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