Python's 8-bit cleanness deprecated?

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Wed Feb 5 21:01:15 CET 2003

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> [Chris Liechti]
>> "#-*- coding: latin1 -*-" may look nice to a all time vi user but
>> most users are NOT using vi or emacs.
> I often read on this list that most people are using Emacs, or vi, or
> something else.  The truth might well be that we do not have any real
> statistics on this.  Caution suggests that we refrain asserting things
> like above, as gratuitous statements undermine the best of
> argumentations! :-) 

he he.. yeah i have no numbers. but i'm pretty sure that less than 50% of 
all programmers are neither using vi(m) nor emacs... and less than 50% is 
not "most" ;-)

just think of the many Windoze users that barely know what do do whith a 
console window. and i guess many newbies do not start with vi but rather a 
more GUI oriented editor.

i know that vi and emacs are good editors, i use vim some times. but 
despite that, i think it's still not very good to optimize a programming 
language for an editor ;-)

however, the "-*-" seem to be optional and the regexp matches on "coding: 
..." but i still don't like that a *comment* has effect on how the program 
is interpreted. that is IMHO a BadThing(TM).


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