ANN: SharkyPy 0.2

Heiko Wundram heikowu at
Tue Feb 4 12:12:37 CET 2003

SharkyPy 0.2

SharkyPy is a library for creating a distributed hash table using
Python. It uses the Kademlia-Protocol (
over XMLRPC.

In constrast to alternatives like khashmir it does not need twisted or
any other library, and can even run without a persistence backend (as
long as the daemon is kept running). Persistence backends currently only
exist for MySQL.

SharkyPy has been coded to only run with Python 2.3 at the moment, as it
uses some new features such as enumerate, etc. But it should only be a
matter of time to make it backwards compatible.

- easily integrated into any program.
- uses a standard protocol which should also be able to run over a
HTTP-proxy (this is still being worked on).
- loosely based on the Kademlia Java reference implementation, taking
features like concurrent node queries into account.
- completely implemented without external dependencies.

License: LGPL (the source doesn't state this yet)
Categories: Networking

Heiko Wundram (heikowu at or heikowu at

PS: Still looking for co-developers... :)

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