Cleanest C++ Interface to Python

Achim Domma achim.domma at
Mon Feb 3 00:43:17 CET 2003

Hi Brandon,

> Embedding Python
> Visual Python
> My experience with .NET is minimal so if Visual Python requires to much
> knowledge I would like to avoid it.  So what option of the three do you
> think is the easiest and most viable for an experienced C++ developer who
> wants the cleanest interface to Python?

as far as I understand these three are no different options. VisualPython is
an extension for Visual Studio, but does only extend the editor. So it has
nothing to do with your problem. What you mean with embedding Python is not
clear to me. If you colleague writes the gui, I think extending python is
the right way.
You can write extension modules by hand (not recomended ;-) ) or could use
some tools which help you. One of them is SWIG, but there are others too. If
you have a clean C++ interface, I would prefere


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