Summary: as a multi-language portal (was: Some thoughts about Python, and non-English languages)

Kyler Laird Kyler at
Tue Feb 11 21:51:34 CET 2003

"M. Müller-Oertel" <mueller-oertel at> writes:

> is currently English-only. This will most likely mislead visitors
>to think about English as a requirement for learning or using Python. I
>suggested to redirect visitors to welcome pages in their native language
>according to the language settings of their web browsers.

If I give someone a URL and he goes there and does not see
essentially what I saw, he's likely to be confused by my

Would it be sufficient to change to have language-
specific banners?  I know that when I visit non-English pages
a link to "English version" is a welcome sight.  Would a link
(in the appropriate language) saying "We have [language]-
specific resources available." do it?  Perhaps even add an
appropriate flag.

That'd make me feel welcome and give me an easy *option* to
get to something that might assist me.  It could even be
incorporated into many pages.

>These welcome pages would introduce Python in a few words and list some hand
>picked quality links to Python resources in the visitor's native language.

I like that part a lot.


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