PEP-308 a "simplicity-first" alternative

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Terry Reedy wrote:

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> > There is nothing wrong with Python's `and' and `or' semantics;
> > they're
> > very similar in functionality to those used in Lisp, for instance.
> > However, the use of the _idiom_ combining the two in order to
> > attempt to
> > the effect of a conditional operator -- `C and x or y' -- is
> > idiomatic,
> > unreadable, and _wrong_.
> What do you mean when you say it is 'wrong' to combine two selection
> operators to make a selection expression?

I'm saying it's wrong because the `C and x or y' form as a substitute
for a conditional operator does not work as expected in the case of x
being false, as has been mentioned time and time again.

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