PEP308: Yet another syntax proposal

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Mon Feb 10 19:43:08 CET 2003

Raymond Hettinger
> > #  Example where all three reasons apply
> > data = isinstance(source, str)  ??   source.readlines()  ||
> source.split()
> That should have been:
>           isinstance(source, file)

Err, that should have been

    if hasattr(source, "readlines"):
      lines = source.readlines()
      lines = source.split()

Or perhaps better as
        lines = source.readlines()
    except AttributeError;
        lines = source.split()

Or for cases where you strongly prefer a file but will accept
a raw string (which you shouldn't do since StringIO is so easy
to get)

  if isinstance(source, basestring):
    source = StringIO(source)

and then you can change the alorithm to use read, readlines,
etc. as need be.

                    dalke at

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