Python Type 4 (drivers)

Greg Brondo greg at
Tue Feb 18 23:57:07 CET 2003

John La Rooy wrote:
> Greg Brondo wrote:
>> Rene --  c/s (?)
>> Dave -- I've considered the same approach of decompiling the Oracle
>> drivers (I've actually completed that part).  The DJ decompiler is quite
>> impressive and does a nice job of producing readable code.  However, If
>> I took this approach would I be in violation of the DCMA?
> Ahh. Life in the land of the free ;o) Are the drivers intended as
> a protection mechanism for copyright? I don't imagine that would be the
> case, so it's not covered by DCMA.
> I was considering doing the same thing in my last job, but the demo java
> client decided our database was too old, which I figured was probably 
> the opinion of the driver.
> John
Cool.  Thanks for the DCMA info.  Also, I just want to state how 
thankful I am that everyone on here is VERY helpful.  Not the same on 
the c.l.ruby list (and for that very reason I'm leaving Ruby alone).

Feels good to be back with my favourite language.  :-)

Greg B.

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