Moving Language Cuisinart project to Windows?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Wed Feb 12 01:23:08 CET 2003

In <20030211222954.GA763 at mephisto.ghaering.test>, Gerhard =?unknown-8bit?Q?H=E4ring?= <gerhard.haering at> typed:
> * Mike Meyer <mwm at> [2003-02-11 21:14 +0000]:
> > Now the client wants it on Windows. My question is - what's the right
> > toolset for this?
> gcc :-) In its mingw incarnation:
> Note that it's currently not possible to *embed* Python under mingw

Well, I need to embed Python - and call it from FORTRAN, no less. I'm
also extending Python with FORTRAN. That's what makes this

> Making embedding possible via making Python compile with the native
> win32 gcc toolchain is on my TODO list for a long time now, but I
> currently can't find enough time to bring this to an end :-(

How big a project is that? Or do the words "native win32 gcc
toolchain" imply something other than just building Python (and
Tcl/Tk!) to run on Windows with cygwin installed. And building a dll
to link against, of course.

> I'd also like to suggest you switch your build process to distutils, if
> you haven't already. Cross-platform issues then normally just disappear.

Distutils can be used to build binaries that don't involve any python
at all? I was going to use Jam if I didn't wind up on cygwin or
something similar.

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